Welcome to Didgim.com, where quality Didgeridoos meet outstanding design. 
Yoram Sivan, Israel's most experienced Didjeridoo maker, specializes in hand-crafted, originally designed Didgeridoos and Compact-Didges. 
My collection of instruments embodies a unique combination of the highest quality of sound with exceptional designs, offering you a Didgeridoo experience of a lifetime. 

In this website, you can browse through and order items from the Didjeridoo and Jews harp galleries. You are also invited to examine Yoram's Art and Design gallery, and visit the Israeli Didjeridoo Center's home page, to learn about our workshops and  festival activitie

Special new year's sale

Until December 20th we offer you special prices on all instruments. It’s the best time to order a new quality Didgeridoo or a world special Compact Didg.

Please @ me about what you're looking for and I will send you pictures and information of what's in stock and my special offers of this month.

The site is not well updated with the online stock and prices, SORRY ABOUT THAT :)